Monday, 9 May 2016

American Civil War and Abolition of Slavery

Who were the key individuals who:

  • campaigned to abolish slavery
  • campaigned against the North abolishing slavery in the South
What were the key arguments?

Who were the key individuals on either side of the civil war?

What were the key events leading up to and during the civil war?

Why do you think the South was defeated and the Confederates forced to agree to federal law?

What role did black people play in the civil war?
How did life change for black people after the war?

PPT8 on the Civil War

Analysis of why the war took place.

Uses abbreviations like:
w/o - without
Br - British
S. - South

PPT9 Civil War Timeline
Key individuals, key events...

What were these?
Give examples!
How did they come about, and over what time period?
Were they used across the entire USA?
What link do they have to the civil rights movement of the 1950s-70s?
In your own words, to what extent did these contradict the legal changes that abolition brought?

PPT10 Jim Crow Laws

Slavery was abolished ... but in some ways crept back in through customs that became laws, creating the conditio0ns that would eventually spark the 1950s-70s civil rights movement.

PPT10b The Rise of Jim Crow Laws


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